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Ship a Car Overseas to Japan?
Overseas car shipping to and from Japan is difficult at the present time as reports indicate restrictions on transport mount as Japan struggles with damaged infrastructure that makes transporting cargo a tough job at present. Some ocean carriers have eliminated stops at the ports of Tokyo and Nagoya on Friday, according to sources, other firms have implemented cargo restrictions and changed vessel routings around Japan in order to avoid the current problems with transporting cargo in and out of Japan.

Carriers have also eliminated transport services to the badly damaged ports or destroyed ports in the northeast regions close to Sendai, and the latest reports indicate that the problems with transporting cargo could be spreading to the industry regions of the country. They're also operating vessels very carefully and following the standards and warnings of the Japanese government in order to protect vessels transporting in Japanese waters, according to carriers.

Sources indicate that carrier offices in the ports of Kobe and Yokohama were open and continuing operations in terminals at present, but that firms were turning down bookings from regions that were the most damaged during the recent disaster. The job of overseas vehicle shipping in the ports of Japan continues, apparently, but at a much reduced rate, if the reports are correct. This job could become much more difficult during the days and weeks ahead, before it becomes easier, but the job still has to get done and life and business in Japan must go on.
Posted on 21 Mar 2011 by Momentum
Shipping Sea Freight Through Great Lakes Ports
International freight companies in the United States of America planning on transporting cargo using one of the 83 U.S. ports along the shore of the great lakes will be interested in the news that the current administration is planning on cutting back on maintenance dredging of these ports by about 32 percent during the months ahead in America. This news has the 83 American ports along the great lakes and cargo ship operators planning on traveling to these ports worried about this idea and they have declared a state of emergency due to this plan. The problem according to these concerned parties is that the channels leading into these ports will start to fill with sediment at a rate three times beyond the rate at which the sediment can be removed and this could slow down the business of shipping a car overseas using these ports in the months ahead.

This would mean according to the administration that only about 11 of the 83 U.S. ports along the great lakes would be dredged of sediment and could slow down the business of ocean freight companies planning on using these essential ports to move the yearly volume of about 200 million tons of cargo, according to many transport experts looking at this news. The vessels using these ports have already had to reduce loads by about 5,000 tons, or more, in order to make it through the navigation channels, according to these same experts, and has resulted in an under utilization of ships and higher rates on commodities like iron ore and stone. Instead, the concerned parties would like to see the administration use the $5.65 billion the treasury has collected due to the Harbor Maintenance Tax.
Posted on 18 Mar 2011 by Momentum

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