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Ocean Freight Carriers Stopping at New Terminal
The desire to automate container transport terminals of the worldwide ocean freight carrier industry turned another page the other day as Hanjin Shipping announced the opening of the first semi-automated container terminal in the Spanish port of Algeciras. Customers will ship freight by container in the Total Terminal International Algeciras container terminal, which was formally opened in a ceremony involving the Prince of Asturias, Prince Phillip of Bourbon, and the Chairwoman of Hanjin Shipping, Eun Young Choi.

This news means that the Total Terminal International Algeciras container terminal's two quay lines of 550 metres and 650 metres, eight ship-to-shore cranes, 32 automatic-stacking cranes, and 20 shuttle-carriers can go to work moving containers full of customers freight through the terminal. Plans call for ocean freight carriers CKYH Alliance Lines UASC, X-Press, Boluda and Hapag-Lloyd to begin calling on the Port of Algeciras to drop off and pick up containers full of freight in the years ahead in the century of the environment.

Hold the presses! The latest news has ocean freight carriers full of containers stopping off at the new Total Terminal International Algeciras container terminal in pretty good numbers that according to the terminal are in line with projections. Sources indicate that reports from the first two months at the container terminal have the terminal reaching about 47 percent of its total operational capacity, with the remaining capacity expected to be on line and moving containers through the Total Terminal International Algeciras by the end of October.
Posted on 12 Aug 2010 by Momentum
Air Freight Carriers & the Airbus A380
Air freight carriers in the United Kingdom could be stopping off at Stansted Airport in the days and weeks ahead as reports indicate that Stansted Airport has been given the green light for the largest aircraft in the world to land in the days and weeks ahead in the century of the environment. The United Kingdom Civil Aviation Authority has said yes to Stansted Airport being an arrival destination for Code F aircraft, of which the Airbus A380 is one, and possible more air freight carriers in the future. The Airbus A380 isn't likely to stop at Stansted Airport anytime soon, but if there was an emergency that forced one to be diverted from its normal destination to the closest airport or the scheduled airport is unavailable for one reason or another, Stansted Airport might see an Airbus A380. This would of course include such events as volcanic ash closing the air space of an airport, mechanical problems with an Airbus A380 and even a terror alert that forced a plane to be diverted to Stansted Airport.

Sources indicate that while this news isn't likely to increase air freight carrier business around the airport immediately, it could in the future mean that more of the five air freight carriers that do use Airbus A380s will have their planes stop at Stansted Airport in the days and weeks ahead in the century of the environment. The five air freight carriers that use Airbus A380s in their air freight operations are Emirates, Qantas, Singapor Airlines, Air France and Lufthansa, but new orders for the Airbus A380 have been put in by airlines in the Middle East, Asia and North America, so it's possible that Stansted Airport will see a few Airbus A380s in the future. Still, this news is definitely good news for Stansted Airport, and winning Code F approval from the UK Civil Aviation Authority is sure to mean more business for the airport, somewhere down the road. It will also allow Stansted Airport to compete with other UK airports for the available air freight carrier business and set the airport up to grow its business significantly in the years ahead.
Posted on 10 Aug 2010 by Momentum

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