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Ocean LNG Freight Carriers Head to Russia
Ocean freight carriers could be transporting ocean freight loads of LNG from a planned LNG facility that will take gas from the South Tambley field on the Yamal Peninsula in north western Siberia in the decades ahead in the century of the environment. Sources around the international freight shipping industry indicate that a CB & I firm has been awarded a contract to provide concept development services for Russian natural gas producer OJSC Novatek's arctic-based Yamal LNG project. Apparently, CB & I Lummis will work on the technical, economic, and construction feasibiity of the project, which will access over one trillion cbm of natural gas in the South Tambley field, if it becomes reality.

Reports surrounding this news bit indicate that the conceptual development work of CB & I Lummis will include a possible 15 to 16 million-tonne-per-annum (mtpa) LNG liquefaction plant and associated storage and loading facilities, plus solutions for the problems associated with ocean freight shipping in arctic conditions and other ice management systems that will be required should this facility continue forward to completion. In addition to a possible gas transmission pipeline, a controlled production facility for gas and condensate treatment and associated gas-gathering system that will be needed to get the job done.

Plans at this stage of the project call for CB & I Lummis to provide a project schedule and cost estimates, in addition to the basis for the design of the front end engineering and design phase of the project in the days ahead. If everything stays on the timetable that has been set for this project, we could see the work completed by the first half of 2011, according to sources surrounding this news bit. Great news that's going to put a smile on the faces of ocean freight carriers in Russia and around the world.
Posted on 03 Aug 2010 by Momentum
New Port Calls for Ocean Freight Shipping Service
Ocean freight carrier CMA CGM has apparently decided that now is the time to expand its ocean freight shipping services for customers to certain regions of the world. CMA CGM announced the other day that they would be offering customers that need to ship freight to new markets new ocean freight shipping services in the days ahead. Apparently, at this point plans call for the new ocean shipping services being planned to provide CMA CGM's English and Portuguese customers with a direct shipping services to Greek and Turkish markets. In addition, plans call for new CMA CGM to create new links with destinations in the Middle East Gulf and Asia, by traveling through Malta, according to the latest sources close to this news.

Sources indicate that there will be a new Femex rotation that will see CMA CGM's new ocean freight shipping service travel through a rotation that will stop at the ports of Gothenburg, Helsingborg, Aarhus, Zeebrugge, Tilbury, Rotterdam, Lisbon, Malta, Piraeus, Istanbul Haydarpasa, Gebze, Istanbul, Gemlik, Thessalonika, Izmir, Smyrna, Malta, Tangier, Lisbon, Zeebrugge and then back to Gothenburg.

This is great news for customers that need to ship freight to any of the ports included on the rotation that might have been having problems finding the shipping services they need to the destinations in question. There wasn't any announcement of the start time of CMA CGM's new ocean freight shipping service, but we should certainly expect to hear more news about this in the days ahead in the century of the environment. If CMA CGM's plans go well with this new rotation, we might even see them add more calls in the days and weeks ahead, in order to try to enhance the ocean freight shipping services they provide their customers and grab a bigger piece of the pie.
Posted on 02 Aug 2010 by Momentum

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