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An air freighter for the ages is born
One air freight carrier of the world is preparing to ship freight for customers in larger volumes in the years ahead in the century of the environment as sources indicate that Etihad Airways took delivery of the first of the world's first A330-200F air freighters tuesday during the recently held Farnborough International Air Show in the United Kingdom. Etihad Airways is the first of Airbus's customers to take delivery of a A330-200F air freighter and apparently the handover ceremony that occured during the Farnborough International Air Show to celebrate the arrival of the world's first A330-200F air freighter was quite the party.

Sources around the worldwide air freight carrier industry also indicate that Etihad Airways is going to be the test run for Airbus's A330-200F air freighter, which won't actually begin shipping air freight for customers of Etihad Airways, until sometime in September, if the current timetable for deployment of the first A330-200F air freighter stays on target.

Once the first A330-200F air freighter arrives in September, Etihad Airways expects the arrival of a second A330-200F air freighter, which will begin transporting air freight for customers sometime in October, according to Etihad Airways. Great news that's going to add two air freighters each capable of carrying 64 tonnes of air freight to destintions within a radius of 7,400 kilometres to Etihad Airway's current fleet of two A330-600s and two MD 11s. It should also set Etihad Airways up to increase the air freight services it provides to its customers in the years ahead in the century of the environment and hopefully mark the arrival of an air freighter for the ages.
Posted on 28 Jul 2010 by Momentum
Qatar Will Ship Freight to Greece
Ocean freight carriers will be transporting LNG ocean freight to Greece from LNG production facilities in Qatar in the years ahead in the century of the environment. Sources around the ocean LNG freight shipping industry report that Qatar recently signed an agreement with Greece to ship freight to the country in the years ahead. In addition to agreeing to help Greece construct an LNG receiving terminal for all of the LNG ocean freight they'll be transporting to Greece in the years ahead.

Qatar is a giant in the LNG production business, so this agreement in principle for Qatar to supply LNG for markets in Greece, is probably only a mild surprise to most professionals in the business of shipping LNG ocean freight to international destinations. The exact details on the volume of LNG freight that will be delivered to Greece by Qatar wasn't available at the time of this news release. We do know however that according to sources in Qatar demand for LNg is low and gas is still plentifu around the world.

This could be why Qatar is courting new customers as reports indicate that new LNG production will soon be coming on line and gas supplies are already pretty high. In addition, Qatar has built a huge LNG receiving terminal in the United Kingdom, another off the coast of Italy and the Golden Pass LNG facility will be starting production in 2010, according to sources around the worldwide ocean freight carrier industry.

At the same time, over in Qatar, sources indicate that LNG producer Qatargas has started shutting down its train-4 for maintenance, so it seems that Qatar is preparing to transport LNG ocean freight in even greater volumes in the days ahead in the century of the environment.
Posted on 27 Jul 2010 by Momentum

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