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Heavy-Lift Ocean Freight Carriers
Heavy haul freight carriers transport large and unusual freight shipments with challenging size, weight and shape requirements and limitations in the United States of America on a daily basis. Lifting and transporting heavy pieces of equipment or bulk freight with heightened safety concerns is the name-of-the-game in the heavy-lift sector of the American freight carrier industry. Only a few American heavy-lift specialists would be up for some of the jobs on the future order backlog for Dutch heavy-lift specialist Dockwise though, as sources indicate that Dockwise has recently announced a bunch of new contracts that should bring in a healthy revenue.

Apparently, Dockwise has recently put pen-to-paper on a letter of intent for the transport and installation of a deepwater production platform, sometime in 2013, but no more details were available at this time. Dockwise has also been talking to an independent oil company about a follow up contact to work on the second phase of a project in Europe, although no particulars on this news is available at this time.

Dockwise has also been reported as preparing to transport a production hull to the North Sea for a customer. Apparently, this transport has gone so well that Dockwise will now be tasked with transporting the topside of the production hull, according to the latest sources around this affair. In addition to this work, Dockwise has also been reported as being the ocean freight carrier tasked with transporting two infrastructure pieces to Rotterdam and Sharjah, sometime in the days ahead.

Things appear to be looking up for the worldwide heavy-lift freight carrier sector and the business of Dockwise? Hopefully, this news is an indication of a general increase in the business of shipping freight on the oceans of the world and the United States of America and a sign that the business of international ocean freight carriers is set to reach new heights in the days and weeks ahead in the century of the environment.
Posted on 21 Jul 2010 by Momentum
Ocean Freight Carriers of LNG Change Hands
Houston-based LNG freight carrier Excelerate Energy has been busy of late and reports indicate that this Texas-based player has been busy again, this time stepping forward to buy out long-term partner Exmar's investment in two LNG regasification vessels (LNGRVs). Excelerate Energy recently announced that it would be taking possession of Exmar's 50 percent interest in the 150,000-cbm LNGRVs Expedient and Exemplar in the days ahead in the century of the environment. Sources indicate that the Expedient was seen sailing toward a Excelerate Energy facility in April, Exemplar on the other hand is now scheduled to be delivered sometime late in 2010, according to the latest sources. Sources also indicated that Exmar will continue to handle the operations and maintenance of both vessels in the days ahead.

This news probably doesn't surprise too many professionals that ship freight in the world that know something about Excelerate Energy's recent history? Especially considering Exmar's announcement in October last year that Excelerate Energy would be taking over 100 percent ownership of the LNGRV newbuilding Exquisite and reports of Exmar having trouble with the financing for the last three LNGRV new buildings on its books. At this time Exmar executives seemed sure that a solution could be found and finance-talks were apparently taking place. It appears that things haven't turned out as Exmar hoped though and this latest news means that Exmar still has control of one remaining LNGRV, the 138,000-cbm Excelsior, according to freight carrier industry sources.

Will Exmar retain control of the Excelsior? This is an interesting question that might depend on the broader commercial LNG freight shipping agreements between Excelerate Energy and Exmar and other related business activities.
Posted on 20 Jul 2010 by Momentum

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