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Overseas shipping companies that have been dreaming about expanding their internationial freight shipping business into the Chinese marketplace should check out the new digs in Shanghai, China, at the present moment. The World Expo 2010 is happening in Shanghai, China at the moment and this event is apparently being used as a launch vehicle for international freight carriers that have been dreaming of being included in the ocean freight shipping bonanza occurring in China. Sources indicate that new deals are being signed between international freight carriers in China and the rest of the world and more will be agreed upon in the six months that Shanghai's 'Coming Out Party' is happening in China.

Rumours insist that Norway signed a co-operative agreement during Shanghai's 'Coming Out Party' that will see Norway work closely with China State Shipping Corp (CSSC) on events occurring at CSSC's pavilion during the six months the World Expo 2010 will be happening in China. Baosteel Group, one of China's biggest importers of iron ore, has a large presence at the World Expo 2010, with a night time display along the Huangpu river that's simply amazing to see according to sources. Inside the Australian Pavilion guests will find displays sponsored by giant mining group Rio Tinto that includes huge iton ore pellets adorning the interior of one display that symbolizes the raw material bonds between China and Australia.

The British have arrived however at Shanghai's 'Coming Out Party' with a hands-on commercial approach to the World Expo 2010 that has grabbed a lot of the focus. The United Kingdom obviously wants to be included in the ocean freight carrier bonanza in China in the century of the environment and sources indicate that the best known faces and names in Britain's international freight shipping industry will be showing up in September to hold a few events that they hope will draw attention.
Posted on 13 Jul 2010 by Momentum
Ocean Freight Carriers & World Expo 2010
Dragons have a special place in the history and hearts of China's freight carriers and the Chinese people have a strong mythical and emotional attachment expressed in the Chinese belief that they descend from dragons. The largest single structure on the west side of the 2010 World Expo site, the China State Shipbuilding Corp Pavilion echoes the dragon theme in Chinese culture and lore with giant steel ribs running down either side resembling the backbone of a dragon. A backbone meant to symbolize the keel of a ship and the position of China's shipbuilding industry as the backbone of Chinese industry.

The CSSC Pavilion sits on the western bank of the Huang Pu river, and it can be clearly seen from the China Pavilion across the water. The outside area of the CSSC Pavilion is covered, but it's the inside area of the pavilion where the real enjoyment for the freight carriers of the world will probably begin.

You're welcomed by Chuanao at the entrance of the pavilion, a blue sailor that will probably remind you a bit of the Haibao, Expo 2010's official mascot. Walk into the pavilion however and there are exhibits to delight the heart of the freight carrier professional, such as a pipe-bending machine built by Jiangnan in 1957 and life size anchor and propeller that will dwarf your imagination and make you suddenly realise the scope and size of the ocean freight carriers crossing the oceans blue today. Further on you come face-to-face with models of the Shang-hai Sha, a ocean freight carrier built on Chongming Island, a Dang Yang vessel that hails from Fujian Province in China and a traditional Qi Ying vessel built in Guangdong Province in 1846.

Stepping into the inside area of the pavilion and you step int a visioin for the future of the world's ocean freight carrier industry. Populated by wind farms, Mother Nature's gifts and mariners wearing uniforms resembling space-age voyagers from another world, this vision of the future paints a picture of promise and growth for the years ahead in the century of the environment for ocean freight carriers.

Once you leave the pavilion's 'Harbour Area' you'll be treated to a model of a floating production storage and offloading (FPSO) unit and a drilling rig that could be a vision of the future. The visitor next takes an underwater adventure of exploration and wonder containing interactive fun sure to fill the ocean freight carrier professional with delight. Here visitors get to take a look at models of containerships built in China and a LNG carrier built in Hudong-Zhonghua Shipyards. They also have an exhibit that allows visitors to build a virtual ship, but unfortunately no ocean freight carriers can be built. They even have ship simulator that lets the user control a vessel, but you apparently need to be a VIP guest to get a hand at the contorls of the ship simulator?

The 'Grand Theme' at the end of the tour is an eight-minute affair charting the past, present, and future of the ocean freight carrier industry, one of the true highlights of the experience of World Expo 2010 in Shanghai, China.
Posted on 12 Jul 2010 by Momentum

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