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International Auto Shipping In France
Transport firms and workers in the business of making sure ocean freight makes it to destination on time and budget will be interested in the latest news concerning the French dock workers strike that has been slowing down the transport industry in France, during the past six weeks. The dock workers recently decided to call off rolling strikes, after reaching an agreement with port employers to go back to work after four days of tough negotiations, according to sources that have been watching this affair unfold.

Sources in the roro transport industry in France and Europe also indicate that the dock workers appear to have taken a step back in their demands and will now accept two years of early retirement for its members, rather than the four years it had been demanding for months. The union is claiming victory after this news and this could in fact be the truth, since they did get the official recognition of dock work being dangerous enough to allow about 6,000 port workers to take early retirement, according to sources. The exact details of the agreement are still under wraps and it will probably be a few days before we get all of the details concerning the agreement reached.

The best part of this news is that the business of transporting sea freight in and out of France should hopefully get back to normal, now that all of this business appears to be finally coming to rest. We should probably wait a little while, though, just to make sure this deal is going to stick, before coming to any conclusions concerning the end of the dock workers strike in France. It's always possible things could heat up again and we don't want to be caught off guard.
Posted on 21 Feb 2011 by Momentum
Ocean Carriers Stopping In LA
Overseas car shipping firms doing business in the United States will be interested in the news that the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach recently indicated about 13 percent more containers went through the ports in January, as compared to the same time last year. According to sources at the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach the increase was above the volume of containers transported through the ports during the month of December, and the increases are part of a general increase in transport services being used in the ports during recent times.

This is great news for the business of overseas vehicle shipping to destinations far and wide for customers that need cars delivered on time and budget, and could be a definite sign of the economy in the United States picking up momentum during the last few months, according to some experts looking at the latest numbers. In fact, according to sources importers have maintained the rate of shipping to destination during the first part of 2011, in order to make sure they have enough product in inventory, after a busy fourth quarter of business, and to make sure they can handle the expected Lunar New Year holiday rush in Asia.

Just what this possibility could mean for people that need to ship a car overseas during the weeks and months ahead could be the question on the mind of lots of people? If the volume of containers being transported through the ports of Long Beach and Los Angeles keeps going up, month to month, it could be a little more difficult to find the transport service you need to more a car through either port in a timely manner during the weeks and months ahead.
Posted on 18 Feb 2011 by Momentum

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