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Ro-ro Shipping to Latin America
Shipping a car overseas to Latin America will change during the miles ahead if a new rail link across Colombia is built to rival the Panama Canal. Sources in the business of overseas auto shipping indicate that China is currently in negotiations to build a rail link across Colombia they hope will be able to compete for customers with the Panama Canal during the years ahead.

The plans for this new project include the construction of a 137-mile long dry canal linking Colombia's Atlantic and Pacific coastlines, a 495-mile railway to transport the goods, and enhancements to the Port of Buenaventura to the tune of about $7.6 billion, according to sources close to this news.

This news will certainly interest ocean freight forwarders who will be working in the transport industry of Latin America during the months and years ahead. Linking the coastlines of Colombia would of course make it easier to transport goods across Latin America and import raw materials that can be used to manufacture products that can then be sold in the western world.

In fact, the plan according to transport experts is to import Chinese goods that will be re-assembled at a new city near Cartagena, on Colombia's north Atlantic coast, before being exported to markets across the western world. Probably not a big surprise to transport and manufacturing experts around the world that have been crunching the numbers associated with this news.
Posted on 16 Feb 2011 by Momentum
More Inland Roro Shipping Infrastructure Needed
Transport workers and firms in the ro-ro transport business will be happy to hear that there have been calls for more money to be invested on the roads, railways and inland water systems used by international freight shipping firms to make sure cargo makes it to destination on time and budget in the United States of America during the years ahead. Virginia Department of Transportation Secretary Sean Connaughton has recently called for the country to invest more money in keeping these vital transport systems in working order and making sure we have the transport infrastructure that will allow the business of shipping overseas to continue to gain momentum as we enter the second decade of the century of the environment in the world.

The idea of using more inland waterways to help take more trucks off of the transport roads and highways of the United States of America and possibly reduce the carbon wheel-print of the transport industry of America isn't new. Transport experts of the United States and the world believe that making use of inland waterways could be another way to reduce traffic congestion in some regions of the world. These same experts think that this idea is also going to generate lots of new jobs during implementation and the years ahead and we should therefore look at this idea a lot closer.

The question at this point seems to be about where we'll find the money to improve the inland transport waterways we want to use in the years ahead? Momentum in the battle and the desire to use the inland waterways of the United States and world to transport more cargo appears to be growing, though, and in the years ahead we'll probably see more freight being transported inland on rivers and lakes.
Posted on 14 Feb 2011 by Momentum

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