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Ocean Carriers Concerned
Transport firms in the roro business of the United States of America probably know about the rich history of shipyards in America, many of which are now long gone. Names of shipyards on this list include Todd, Bethlehem, Southwest Marine, Cal Ships, Western Shipyard, Consolidated Steel Corporation and the Long Beach Naval Shipyards. Certainly local people whose parents and grandparents that were lucky enough to work for decades in these shipyards will remember building Liberty ships and navel warships during their time. Lately, L.A. city officials have been thinking about building another shipyard in San Pedro and bringing back some of the shipbuilding jobs that use to provide Americans with a steady income.

This news though has been causing concern in some sectors of the ocean freight industry of the United States, who think the current work going on to dispose of dredged material at the proposed location for a new shipyard could cause problems with the current work being done to deepen the main ship channel to 53 feet. This work is nearly completion after years of work, according to concerned individuals, and is vital to making sure the Port of Los Angeles is able to handle the latest generation of container ships and compete with East and Gulf Coast ports. This competition is also likely to increase once the expansion of the Panama Canal is completed around 2014, according to many, and this belief is causing many sea freight carriers planning on using the Port of Los Angeles in the future to wonder if the development of a new shipyard is really such a good idea at the present time.

Add these facts to the belief that even shipowners in the United States lack interest in the idea of building a new shipyard in San Pedro and it might turn out that the idea of building a new American shipyard might be an idea better left until a later date, according to the individuals concerned about this idea.
Posted on 07 Feb 2011 by Momentum
Ship a Car Overseas to Egypt
Transport companies overseas car shipping through the Suez Canal are still able to make it to destination on time and budget, according to sources watching the current crisis in Egypt. Sources at APM Terminal Port also indicated that Port Said would be re-opening at 8 a.m. Tuesday morning, after about a week of operating at less than peak capacity. This has many close to this affair believing that soon things might get back to normal in the port, while others think it could be possible for transport services in the port to slow down again during the days ahead.

Transport firms in the overseas vehicle shipping business indicate that the ports of Alexandria and Daimetta are currently working at a reduced rate and containers are starting to fill up Egyptian container yards. This is of course due to the fact that less imports are being picked up and exports are also being transported in less volume in the ports in question. Sources close to this news believe that there might not be a need to reduce export bookings into Egyptian ports during the days ahead, but this might not prove to be the case, according to others.

We won't know the truth of all of these beliefs for a few more days, so firms shipping overseas might want to wait and see what happens, before deciding what to do, according to many people involved in the crisis in Egypt. You don't want to have a vehicle sitting in a container yard for days, or weeks, which definitely isn't what you had planned.
Posted on 02 Feb 2011 by Momentum

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