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Chinese Ocean Freight Firm Orders New Vessels
International freight shipping firm Seaspan has announced it has put in an order for $2 billion worth of the newest containerships capable of carrying up to 10,000 20-foot-equivalent units to help keep their transport services current during the months and years ahead for the company. Seaspan has indicated that the new containerships the company has ordered will be designed and engineered to be able to travel through the larger locks that will be part of the new Panama Canal, once construction is finished in 2014. In addition, Seaspan indicates these new Panamax containerships will be about 8 percent lighter than older containerships being used by international auto shipping services, and burn 15 to 25 percent less fuel than standard 10,000-TEU containerships being implemented at present.

Sources in the containership building industry indicate that Seaspan has put in an initial order for 22 new containerships of the indicated size, with an option for additional ships to be built in the future if Seaspan decides to purchase more. The cost for each new containership of this new design is expected to be around $95 million each, according to these same sources, and these news vessels have been designed and engineered to have provide better fuel efficiency and save roro services money during the years ahead.

This news probably won't be much of a surprise to many international firms in the transport industry of the world, especially since Chinese state-owned firms like to control the ships they use to transport cargo to destination on time and budget. This news will certainly make other containership owners begin to start looking at ordering their own new containerships capable of traveling through the larger locks of the new Panama Canal in the weeks and months ahead in 2011. The time to prepare for this job is now and waiting to long could put a firm behind in the battle to enhance current transport services and keep them up to date with other international firms in the business of transporting cargo around the world.
Posted on 16 Mar 2011 by Momentum
Ocean Freight Forwarders Still Working
International firms in the United States in the business of car shipping overseas will be happy to hear that the high tide warning for West Coast ports because of the residual effects of the tsunami in Japan aren't slowing down the business of moving containers through American ports. At present authorities are still maintaining high-alert status in West Coast ports, but the moving of containers through the ports has continued at the same rate through Friday afternoon, according to port officials. The American Coast Guard did suspend containership fueling and other transfers of hazardous materials during the high-alert status, but other than this change things continued as normal, according to sources.

The Coast Guard lifted the fueling ban for containerships in the early afternoon in the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach, although container terminals were expected to keep the Coast Guard up to date with contact numbers and start and stop times. The largest waves from the Japanese tsunami reported on the West Coast was in Crescent City, California, according to sources in the overseas auto shipping industry. There were reports of power interruptions early Friday morning at the Matson Navigation Company terminal in Hawaii, but sources indicate the terminal was back up to full work capacity by the middle of the morning.

At present it's not certain how long the Coast Guard is planning on keeping the ban of hazardous materials in place, but safe is better than sorry, and we can certainly expect the ban to stay in place until things calm down. International roro shipping shipping services will still continue at the normal pace and this is the main thing on the mind of international firms in the business of making sure cargo makes it to destination on time and budget.
Posted on 14 Mar 2011 by Momentum

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