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Transport firms of the United States of America in the business of shipping a car overseas for customers planning on being in Long Beach, California between March 7 - 8 should stop by the 11th annual TPM conference. This year the event will be held against a backdrop of red skies as hopes for a great 2011 will be in the air and the people on hand will probably be in a positive mood. The events and things decided during the TPM conference are likely to determine the changes that will unfold in the international transport industry during the months ahead. Firms in the business of transporting ocean freight to destination on time and budget could learn quite a bit about what will be happening during the up coming year.

Subjects covered during the two-day conference include sea freight carriers movement away from providing chassis, the long-term shift to intermodal, and other subjects important to the business of transporting freight across the oceans. This is your chance to get prepared for the 2011 peak season by taking part in the conference and you'll get to spend time with other people in the business of transporting freight.

Contact the conference organizers for more information on the 11th annual TPM conference and exactly what time you should show up in order to get a good seat. They might even want you to register ahead of time, so you better make sure to contact them as soon as possible, in order to make sure you get your seat.
Posted on 26 Jan 2011 by Momentum
Car Shipping International to India
Transport firms in the business of overseas car shipping that need to stop in the Port of Chennai during the months and years ahead will be interested in the news that workers broke ground on the Chennai, Enmore road project recently, according to transport agencies in India. Transport workers and users of the roads and highways of India have been asking for this project for a while and this news is certainly going to be welcomed by all of the people involved in this affair. The project is important in the job of making sure customers cargo can make it to destinations in India on time and budget, according to the people welcoming this news, and overseas vehicle shipping firms doing business in India.

The completion of the Chennai, Enmore road project is expected to cost around $133 million, according to the people tasked with building the project, and calls for the construction of a 19-mile four-lane expressway connecting the Port of Chennai's main access point with the state highway system in India. Transport officials in India believe this project is essential to the future of India and will help build momentum in the battle to make the ports of India as modern as the rest of the ports of the world.

They are probably right, because according to many transport firms doing business in India, the ports of India aren't up to world standards in many cases, and if India is to continue to grow and expand, improvements to the ports of India could be needed. The good news is that a desire to make sure the ports are up to standards and the Chennai, Enmore road project is built, appears to be building momentum, and in a few years time people that need to ship a car overseas to India could be making use of the enhancements planned.
Posted on 24 Jan 2011 by Momentum

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