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Ocean Carriers Will be Busy This Year
Transport firms in the business of transporting international freight to destination on time and budget will be interested in the news that quite a few transport experts think that the industry of transporting cargo to destination for customers is ready to increase significantly during the miles ahead. The belief in many people at this time is that we are ready for an expansion and possibly long-term growth in the business of taking customers freight to destination in a reliable, efficient and cost-effective manner. This was announced recently to a group of financial experts and professionals taking part in a meeting between some of the top transport experts in the business.

The international freight shipping experts making this announcement believe that the continual growth in the world population and the growing wealth in many countries of the world is going to lead this growth in the business of transporting cargo across the oceans of the world. The transport firms involved in this announcement are used as a barometer of conditions in the business of shipping a car overseas, according to the transport experts hearing this news. This has lead to many believing this announcement is going to herald in a new time of better profits and increased volumes of cargo that needs to be transported to destination as we enter into the second decade of the century of the environment in the world.

Hopefully, the experts that believe the business of transporting cargo across the oceans of the world is going to increase are correct, and during the next few months we see a nice increase in the volume of freight that needs to be taken to destination.
Posted on 17 Jan 2011 by Momentum
Roro Shipping Forecast Predicts Rates to go Down
There are ocean freight industry experts predicting the rates for transporting freight from the east to the west along the trade lanes will be average, and could even go down by as much as 7 percent, during the months ahead for the business of transporting customers cargo to destinations far and wide. The latest forecasts are by Drewry Shipping Consultants, a London-based consulting firm, were reported in the latest quarterly Container Forecaster produced by the company. The consultancy firm indicated that during 2010 profits in the international business of transporting sea freight was about $13 billion, partly due to very good management of ship capacity on the part of transport firms, and that this will to keep a handle on ship capacity could be starting to crumble.

This news and conclusion might not surprise too many workers and firms in the roro transport industry and the business of transporting goods to destination on ships in general. Carriers will probably be getting ready to battle for market share during the months ahead and this is probably going to erode the will power that has been keeping a firm hand on ship capacity during the past year, according to many. This could mean that expectations of companies taking ships out of service, despite the need to do so, could fail to meet expectations, according to many people watching this affair unfold. The Drewry report also indicated that the global container fleet could grow by as much as 7 percent, or more, during 2011, and this could upset the delicate supply-and-demand equation.

The truth of this belief will be told very soon as 2011 is here and the business of transporting freight to destinations far and wide on the container ships of the world is beginning to gain momentum. Hopefully, 2011 is one of the best years in recorded history for the business of transporting freight and the world in general.
Posted on 14 Jan 2011 by Momentum

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