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Ocean Freight Carriers Expanding Reach
The ocean freight carrier industry has been showing surprising signs of growth in some sectors of the worldwide business of transporting ocean freight to destination and this is apparently spurring new players to begin making in-roads into other related sectors of the freight industry. Take for example Swedish shipping and investment group Marinvest, which according to sources around the worldwide ocean freight shipping industry has been actively seeking out partners to help the company expand into the products tanker sector, through its newly formed chartering subsidiary, Hafnia Management in Copenhagen.

Sources indicate that Marinvest appears to want to take on products tankers above 30,000-dwt, but could also be looking at chemical tankers, and that Hafnia Management will most likely be operated on a charter-in and charter-out basis and will therefore not be thought of as a shipping pool.

Things appear to be just getting up to speed in the offices of Hafnia Management though as sources indicate the firm still needs to hire a chief executive officer, chief financial officer, and chartering and operations managers to run the business in the days ahead in the century of the environment.

The timing of this move by Marinvest is possibly spot-on though as sources also indicate that at this time in history the average time-charter and spot rates are showing signs of improving beyond past performances. If the growth of the product tanker fleet has peaked, as many suspect, Marinvest could step into the product tanker arena at an opportune time for new players and reap the associated benefits of great timing or perhaps good forethought and sound management.
Posted on 15 Dec 2010 by Momentum
Older Ocean Freight Carrier Reactivated
Sources in West Africa indicate that Nigeria LNG (NLNG) has put in the call to have the laid up, 29-year old 135,293-cbm ocean freight carrier LNG Bonny (built 1981) reactivated after being laid up last year due to a drop in demand for LNG freight carriers to transport LNG ocean freight from the Soku production facilities. The LNG Bonny is actually one of six similar ocean freight carriers operated by Nigeria LNG that were built in the 1970s and 1980s and subsequently laid up a year ago for various reasons.

Production at the Soku facility must be up though as the LNG Bonny will most likely be calling on the facility in the days ahead and could even be headed to the facility to pick up some LNG right now. Great news for Nigeria and Nigeria LNG and hopefully things stay stable for awhile in the region and they can get back to a steady flow of LNG.

Sources close to this affair indicate that Nigeria LNG could be activating the LNG Bonny earlier than planned in order to not be left short on the tonnage the company needs in the months ahead. They also report that the LNG Bonny has left its berth in Havgesund, Norway and will apparently travel to an unnamed European shipyard to be refitted prior to returning to service for Nigeria LNG.
Once the LNG Bonny has finished being refitted for service we can expect the vessel to be put to work transporting LNG. No reports have sufaced as to where the LNG Bonny will be put to work, just yet, but we can certainly expect this ocean freight carrier of LNG to be plying the ocean trade lanes within a short window of time.
Posted on 13 Dec 2010 by Momentum

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