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FLNG Ocean Freight Receiving Terminal for India
Ocean freight carriers could soon be tasked with transporting about 3.5-million-tonnes-per-annum of LNG ocean freight in the years ahead in the century of the environment. Sources around the worldwide ocean freight shipping industry indicate that Bangladesh is currently sending out invites to firms it thinks might be interested in constructing a possible FLNG receiving terminal. They should get lots of interest in this job and once firms receive the pre-qualification draft for this job, we should start to hear about firms that are interested in possible completing the work.

Reports around the ocean freight carrier industry have Petrobangla chairman Professor Hossain Monsoor indicating that the pre-qualification draft is ready to go and should be in the hands of interested firms soon. Reports also indicate that Petrobangla might need to make a few alterations to the terms and conditions in order to attract international players to this deal and there have been reports by Petrobangla that this process is currently being conducted and we should hear something on any changes being made soon.

We have learned that ministers have apparently been seen visiting the Chittagong regions of Bangladesh, in order to select a possible site for this possible 3.5-million-tonne-per-annum floating LNG terminal, according to sources. It appears they're pretty serious about this planned FLNG terminal for Bangladesh and if everything with this plan to build an FLNG terminal in Bangladesh, India slips into place, just right, we could definitely see this idea become reality in the century of the environment.
Posted on 10 Dec 2010 by Momentum
LNG Ocean Freight Facility Study Ongoing
Ocean freight carriers could still be tasked with transporting LNG to and from a planned floating LNG (FLNG) project in the years ahead in the century of the environment. Thailand's PTT Exploration & Production had been pushing pretty hard on the idea to build this LNG facility, but lately sources around the worldwide ocean freight shipping industry indicate that PTT Exploration & Production has slowed the process of getting this LNG facility on the road to completion, and some around the freight industry indicate that it could be the middle of 2011, before we hear any news about the current market feasibility study being conducted on this project and whether this planned LNG facility will actually be built?

Sources in the ocean freight shipping industry note that PPT Exploration & Production appears to be taking a closer look at the numbers surrounding its first FLNG project. They also indicate that the company is presently talking to several companies about coming in on this project to build an LNG facility for Thailand. Companies that include firms like Hoegh LNG and Flex LNG, who are often competing for jobs in the LNG ocean freight carrier sector of the worldwide freight industry.

PPT Exploration & Production appears to be playing it safe in this affair and taking their time in deciding on the economic feasibility of this LNG facility is probably a smart idea, considering the possible consequences and expense of constructing and running a facility of this sort. Making a mistake during this critical time in the company's history could have serious consequences for the company and its future success and it does represent a tremendous financial investment for the firm, so they definitely want to be sure about this decision, before signing any cheques. Reports surrounding this affair indicate that this project could mean an investment in the tens of billions for the company and this amount would make any firm take a second look.
Posted on 08 Dec 2010 by Momentum

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