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Ocean Freight Carrier Sells Flagship Vessel
The off shore platform supply vessel sector of the worldwide ocean freight carrier industry has been a little rocky of late for players in this niche sector of the freight industry of the world. One player in this specialized ocean freight shipping service industry has been busy making waves that has ocean freight carriers talking about the future of off shore platform supply vessels (PSVs) in the years ahead in the century of the environment. Aries Offshore is apparently once again in the selling mood and has sold one of its biggest assets, the 3,600-dwt platform-supply-vessel Aries Warrior (built 2008), to business interests from asian shores for about $27 million, according to sources around the worldwide ocean freight shipping industry.

This price has many in the worldwide freight industry scratching their heads as this move seems a bit off center during a time when Aries Offshore has been trying to attract more investors to its business. Selling the company flagship at this time does seem a bit unusual when you're attempting to impress investors with your firm's corporate assets, success and moxy. It might be that Aries Offshore has a few plans coming down the pipeline that it wants to keep close to its corporate-vest, for now, and there could be some additional news on this affair by the next time we hear about Aries Offshore?

Sources around the worldwide ocean freight shipping industry note that Aries Offshore stopped accepting charter enquiries for the Aries Warrior a few weeks ago and reports indicate the Aries Warrior has left Noray and has probably been handed over to its new owners by now. Sources also indicate that the new owners could be putting the Aries Warrior to work in Australian waters in the months ahead in the century of the environment.
Posted on 06 Dec 2010 by Momentum
Ocean Freight Carriers of Steel Coils Rejoice!
There's two new 20ft containers being advertised by Finland-based ocean freight carrier of steel Oy Langh Ship AB for the storage and transport of steel coils that can also be implemented in the transport of many types of free-flowing dry bulk freight. Called the Hard Open Top bulk Cradle Container and Hard Open Top Low Cradle Container, these new container have a detachable roof, which is designed to be removed by freight carriers when loading steel coils into the containers. The steel coils apparently sit in a specially-designed cradle system that according to the designers eliminates the need for ocean freight carriers to use disposable lashing materials, which should reduce costs a little. Oy Langh Ship AB has indicated that these new containers can be lifted with a load of up to 40 tons, but that if loaded onto the a containership first, and then filled with cargo, these containers can carry heavier loads.

Sources around the ocean freight shipping industry indicate that shipping steel coils is a freight shipping job that requires containers specifically designed to do the job and these two new containers are the latest containers for the job. Apparently, the Hard Open Top Low Cradle Container has three transverse cradles designed to carry smaller coils, which according to sources will be used for fast circulation of steel coils through the system. They also indicate that the containers were probably designed to be usable in the job of shipping bulk dry freight because with this ability they can be used to ship cargo to the steel factory on the return run that can be used in the steel factories operations. A great idea that definitely indicates these two new containers were specifically designed for the job of transporting steel coils in a more efficient and less time consuming manner and one that should be popular with ocean freight carriers of steel coils around the freight shipping industry in the years ahead in the century of the environment.
Posted on 03 Dec 2010 by Momentum

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