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Greener Ocean Freight Carrier Arrives
Ocean freight carriers of the world are preparing to transport more ocean freight for customers in the days and years ahead in the century of the environment using new ocean freight carriers designed to be a little more fuel efficient and friendly to Mother Nature. The latest ocean freight carrier to take delivery of new containerships designed to use less fuel and be environmentally-friendly is CMA CGM. CMA CGM has been recently reported as taking delivery of the 11,400-teu containership, Leo, the fifth in a series of twelve sister containerships that CMA CGM has ordered from the shipbuilding masters at Hyundai Heavy Industries, and according to sources surrounding this affair, the first of the twelve newbuildings that CMA CGM has ordered that will be environmentally-friendly enough to receive the new Bureau Veritas classification notations Clean Ship C and FORS. A classification that according to many in the ocean freight carrier industry that certifies these newbuildings as having environmentally-friendly performance.

The Leo features an electronically controlled engine that helps to reduce oil and fuel consumption over the life of the vessel, a fast oil recovery system, and a hull design that has been optimized to improve hydrodynamics and reduce fuel consumption. All design elements that are quickly becoming normal in shipbuilding circles around the world and certainly only the tip-of-the-iceberg in terms of the ideas we'll see in a few years time.

The Leo is expected to join her sisterships, the Christophe Colomb and Amerigo Vespucci on the French Asia Line (FAL 5) service operating between Asia and Europe. A key market for CMA CGM that has been showing growth of around 22 percent in the first part of 2010, according to sources around the ocean freight carrier industry. Sources also indicate that the next containership in the series of twelve ordered by CMA CGM, Pegasus, is expected to arrive next week, and will also join her sistership Leo, on the FAL 5 service.
Posted on 30 Nov 2010 by Momentum
More LNG Ocean Freight for Indonesia
Ocean freight carriers could once again be bringing as much as 500 million cubic standard feet per day to the Bontang LNG plant in Indonesia in the years ahead in the century of the environment. Sources around the worldwide ocean freight carrier industry indicate that over the last few years LNG production in Indonesia has actually been going down, while demand for domestic supplies of LNG have gone up and gas-fields in production begin to age. This is probably causing a little concern in and rush in Indonesia to find new supplies to feed the growing demand for domestic LNG in Indonesia and this news is certainly going to be welcomed by the people of Indonesia and the individuals responsible for making sure Indonesia has the gas the country needs to meet its future demands for LNG.

Plans at this point apparently include the liquefying of coal-bed methane in Indonesia, in order to produce the reported volume of 500 million cubic standard feet per day that will be arriving at the Bontang LNG plant, in the days ahead in the century of the environment. In a joint venture between BP Plc and Eni that will supply the LNG required in the years ahead, according to sources at the Indonesian Energy Ministry.

This is great news for the partners in this reported deal and the ocean freight carrier industry in general and it should hopefully give the Bontang LNG plant the shot in the arm it has been looking for that will allow it to keep the gas flowing in Indonesia in the years before us. It should also help Indonesia meet its growing demand for LNG to feed the furnaces of business in Indonesia and keep the demand for gas in Indonesia at a manageable level.
Posted on 29 Nov 2010 by Momentum

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