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Ro-Ro Shipping Vessel Released by Pirates
A cargo vessel in the business of transporting international freight to destination on time and budget has been released by Somali pirates after about 11 months in captivity. Sources in Egypt and India indicate that they were able to negotiate the return of the cargo vessel Rak Africana and its crew members, but that at present the ship is still in Somalian waters. Apparently, the cargo vessel has developed a few technical glitches that will prevent the ship from being moved at this time, but at present few details have been released on why the Rak Africana has yet to leave Somalian waters.

This is great news for ro-ro shipping services planning on traveling through the area where Somali pirates are known to operate during the weeks and months ahead. The 75,000-dwt Rak Africana is operated and owned by the United Arab Emirates-based Rak Africana Shipping and was first taken by Somali pirates some 280 nautical miles west of the Seychelles on April 11, 2010. This news means that 26 crew members of the Rak Africana, 11 Indians, 10 Tanzanians and 5 Pakistanis, will soon be heading home after a period of time where they might have been wondering if they would in fact make it back home.

This news arrives just after New Delhi urgently requested the Egyptian government step in and intervene and help secure the safe release of six Indian hostage on board the cargo vessel MV Suez, which was hijacked by Somalia pirates in the Gulf of Aden seven months ago, according to firms in the business of shipping overseas to destination on time and budget. The pirates in this case had originally asked for $4 million in ransom for the release of the Indian crew of the MV Suez and set a March 9 deadline for the deal to end, but the company originally refused to negotiate. It appears pressure from Indian officials has resulted in the company deciding to negotiate and this is definitely something the crew members and their families would approve of.
Posted on 11 Mar 2011 by Momentum
Ship a Car Overseas Safely
One of the most essential products overseas car shipping services and international ocean transport firms need during the weeks and months ahead in 2011 to make sure essential goods and cargo makes it to destination on time and budget are the shipping containers used to transport cargo. According to some sources in the business of transporting goods destinations around the world there could be a shortage in the shipping containers used to transport cargo looming on the horizon. The sources in question believe there could be a significant difference between the number of shipping containers manufactured during the months ahead and the volume of new shipping containers that will be required during 2011 to ensure efficient, reliable and cost-effective transport of goods.

These same transport industry sources believe the looming shipping container shortage ahead could mean a general increase in freight rates and a return to last year's summer of imposed peak season surcharges of up to $750 per 2-foot shipping container on Asia-Europe routes. If this belief becomes reality it could definitely mean a change for overseas vehicle shipping firms and services during the months ahead in 2011. The truth of this belief will be told during the months ahead and we'll just have to wait and see what happens, before we can comment. Hopefully, any looming shortage in shipping containers fades into the foreground as we travel farther into 2011, and in a few months time were looking back on this belief and laughing.

One things is for sure the future of international transport of cargo to destination and the business of ocean carriers will change during the months ahead. The next few months in the business of international cargo transport will be exciting and any changes are likely to effect the business of shipping international freight to destination in ways we haven't predicted.
Posted on 09 Mar 2011 by Momentum

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