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Ocean Freight Carrier Makes a Deal
Ocean freight carriers that transport needed cargoes to off-shore production platforms are a niche sector of the worldwide ocean freight carrier industry that has been showing signs of continued growth as the business of taking freight to destinations far-and-wide around the world enters the second decade of the century of the environment. One ocean freight carrier operating in this niche sector is Norway's Simon Mokster Shipping, which recently reported it had secured a potential 10-year contract for its latest platform-supply-vessel (PSV), the 4,000-dwt newbuilding Stril Mermaid (built 2010) for at least five years, with an option for five more yearly contracts, according to sources close to this affair.

A solid five year contract to ship freight is a nice bonus for Simon Mokster Shipping, especially in a challenging market for ocean freight carriers that want to secure long term contracts to ship freight to destinations far-and-wide. Still, this deal means that the Stril Mermaid could be working in the Aluheim field, by now, which is certainly the kind of news the company wanted to hear for their new platform-supply-vessel, as it enters into service taking ocean freight to the worlds' off-shore production platforms.

This deal will also be a surprising news to a freight forwarder or two sitting in their office providing customers with a great freight quote as reports indicate that Simon Mokster Shipping could be getting as much as $23,500 per day on this charter. This rate is considerably more than the 125,000 per day ExxonMobil reportedly paid for the 4,836-dwt North Purpose (built 2010), last month, which is an indication rates in this niche sector of the worldwide freight industry are on the rise.
Posted on 24 Nov 2010 by Momentum
Ocean LNG Freight Carriers Head to India?
Ocean freight carriers full of liquid natural gas could be arriving at a planned 5-million-tonne-per-annum (mtpa) LNG facility near Ennore Port to the north of Chennai, India in the days ahead in the century of the environment. Originally, plans to build a 2.5-million-tonne-per-annum liquid natural gas terminal were first drawn up around the year 2000, before being shelved due to a problem finding the needed supplies of gas. The plans to build this LNG facility were put back on the negotiating table again in 2003, with a different group of partners, but the deal once again failed to proceed to completion.

It appears this idea to build this LNG facility that would sit beside a gas-powered power plant near the site they want to build the facility on are once again a hot topic and it could be according to some sources in the freight carrier industry that this LNG facility's time could have finally arrived. Sources indicate that the partners in this deal that have thrown this idea on the negotiating table once again are state-run Indian Oil Corporation and the Tamil Nadu Industrial Development Corporation. They also indicate that the partnership apparently wants to build an LNG terminal capable of moving about 20 million cubic feet of gas per day and that this idea appears to be once again on the front burner in India. This isn't the first time we have heard about plans to build this LNG terminal though and we might want to temper out enthusiasm with a little reality, at least until we are sure the plans are going forward.

We do know one thing for sure and this is that demand for LNG to feed the growing market in the Tamil Nadu region, which this planned LNG terminal would feed, is growing and is expected to continue to grow in the years ahead in the century of the environment, so it might actually be that this LNG terminal will become reality in a few years time. Great news for the people of India, the ocean freight carriers that will be tasked with transporting the LNG ocean freight to this planned LNG terminal, and the developers of this project.
Posted on 23 Nov 2010 by Momentum

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