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LNG Freight Carriers Call on China
Ocean freight carriers full of LNG freight might be traveling the ocean trade routes between Australia's gas fields to a new LNG receiving terminal that has yet to be built in Shantou, China for many years ahead in the century of the environment. Sources in the ocean freight carrier industry indicate that Australian energy giant Icon Energy recently put pen-to-paper on an memorandum of understanding that could see 40 million tonnes of LNG flow to China's Sino Gas in the years ahead. Great news for Australia and the ocean LNG freight shipping industry in general and a deal that once completed will cover a total of about 2.2 trillion cubic feet of gas that will take around two decades to ship to China. This deal is vital to the future of Australia and to meeting the future energy needs of China and is going to cost between 23 billion and 32 billion Australian dollars to construct, according to sources around the worldwide freight carrier industry.

The LNG receiving terminal in Shantou, China will probably be one of the first items on the to-do list of the partners in this deal. This project is expected to cost about $727 million Australian dollars (US$660 million) to construct and take a few years to build. According to sources in China, local authorities in the Shantou region of China have apparently given the LNG receiving terminal the green light, so the next step is to send the proposal forward to the National Development & Reform Commission of China.

This plan to build a new LNG receiving terminal in China for the possible transport of LNG from Australia to China still has aways to travel down the road, before it will be finalized. Things are starting to look pretty good though for Queensland-based Icon Energy to begin sending LNG to China in a few years time and this will be a day for China and Australia to mark on the calendar.
Posted on 17 Nov 2010 by Momentum
Ocean LNG Freight Carrier Partnership
Ocean LNG freight carriers Excelerate Energy and Exmar are back in international freight carrier news this week as the latest reports have this partnership between international freight shipping professionals joining hands with US firm Saic Incorporated at looking at the feasibility of building an LNG import terminal in Lithuania. Sources in the international freight industry indicate that this idea is only in the beginning stages and at this point the partnership is conducting studies on the feasibility of the idea and that Lithuania's deputy minister of energy has stating that the results are expected to be available sometime this summer.

Lithuania has in fact been trying to get plans for an LNG import terminal off the ground for the last four years, according to reports, in order to try to handle more energy imports from Russia and diversify its energy sources. This news is therefore going to be welcome news to Lithuania and its inhabitants and certainly for LNG freight carriers that would be tasked with transporting LNG freight to this proposed Lithuanian LNG import terminal, if it does actually get built.

The real question for all involved in this plan is of course whether of not the plans to build this LNG import terminal in Lithuania actually go forward to completion in the century of the environment. This of course is still in doubt and if this terminal is going to be built, the partners in this plan need to get to work. The desire to build this LNG import terminal in Lithuania still appears to be strong though, so we should probably expect to hear more about plans to build this new LNG import terminal in Lithuania.
Posted on 16 Nov 2010 by Momentum

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