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LNG Freight Carriers Crossing Caspian Sea
Ocean freight carriers will be shipping LNG ocean freight across the Caspian Sea to an LNG terminal in Romania in the years ahead in the century of the environment. Sources around the ocean freight shipping industry indicate that Romania, Georgia, and Azerbaijan recently put pen-to-paper on a memorandum-of-understanding that will see them work together on an LNG project in the months and years ahead. An agreement that if it goes forward could mean significant economic gains for the regions involved and business partners that will be tasked with making sure the LNG freight makes it to its destination in a safe, reliable, and cost-effective manner.

Reports surounding this deal between Romania, Georgia, and Azerbaijan indicate that current plans would see gas from Azerbaijan shipped to Georgia, before being liqufied and then finally loaded on ocean LNG freight carriers and transported across the Caspian Sea to an LNG import terminal in Romania. Called the Azerbaijan, Georgia, and Romania Interconnection (AGRT), this project has been coming under fire of late by the world's ocean LNG freight carriers as a project that could end up being economically unfeasible.

The skepticism of the world's ocean freight carriers towards the economic feasibility of the plans of Romania, Azerbaijan, and Georgia to work together on this idea has apparently be noticed. The Romanian Minister of Economy, Trade and Business Environment commented the other day that AGRI's headquarters would be set up in Bucharest and would start by re-examining the original feasibility studies on the project that were conducted by Romania and Azerbeijan.
Posted on 12 Nov 2010 by Momentum
Ocean LNG Freight Carriers Call on Kuwait
Ocean freight carriers will ship freight to Kuwait's seasonal floating liquid natural gas (FLNG) import terminal during the period from April to October, until 2013. According to sources around the worldwide ocean freight carrier industry Shell and energy trader Vitol have put pen-to-paper on an agreement with Kuwait Petroleum Corp (KPC) to deliver LNG to Excelerate Energy's 150,000-cbm LNG regasification vessel Explorer (built 2009), which acts as Kuwait's seasonal LNG import terminal.

Reports from around the worldwide ocean LNG freight shipping industry have between 3 and 5 bulk freight shipments of LNG being delivered to Kuwait's LNG import terminal per month under the terms of the agreement. Shell will apparently provide a minimum of two bulk shipments of LNG per month, with an option for another, while Vitol will provide a minimum of one bulk shipment of LNG per month, with an option for a second.

It appears that Kuwait's LNG freight shipping season has begun though as company information indicates that Kuwait has already taken delivery of its first two bulk loads of LNG freight. Information on the news wire also indicates that the 145,000-cbm Seri Ayu (built 2007) was recently spotted off loading LNG at Kuwait's LNG import terminal and by this time a few more ocean freight carriers full of LNG could have arrived and off loaded.

This news means that Kuwait will almost triple bulk shipments of LNG into the country this year as compared to its first season in 2009. If Kuwait keeps increasing the volume of bulk LNG it's importing into the country each year, in a few years time we could be talking about enough LNG per month to handle the majority of the regions demands for LNG.
Posted on 11 Nov 2010 by Momentum

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