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Disputes Between Ocean Freight Carriers
The business of overseas shipping companies can be a complicated affair at times that leaves all parties involved in disagreement that leads to legal steps being taken by one or all parties involved. The dark legal clouds that surround the discussion over last October's notorious Second Circuit Court ruling in the case of Shipping Corp of India (SCI) vs Jaldhi and the following legal case of Hawknet vs Overseas Shipping Agencies, which effectively used the ruling in the Jaldhi case to help it win, have finally parted a little to let the sun shine through. The latest reports indicate that the United States appellate court that first abolished the freezing of funds in international maritime freight carrier industry disputes between firms appears to be changing its view on what to do about money frozen in said disputes.

In the latest ruling from the courts the legal panel in question has ordered the frozen funds in dispute to be held pending more legal discussions on the subject. A change of thought that has probably caught a few people in the middle of this legal battle by surprise? They shouldn't be too surprised though considering the clouds of doubt that have surrounded this affair from the beginning and it's unlikely this legal battle has reached its end.

This parting of the dark legal clouds surrounding this legal affair could just be a temporary thing, if we read the signs right, and the parties involved in this revolving legal battle could soon find themselves once again speaking through their lawyers. One thing is for sure, American freight carriers that have a dispute over money with a foreign interest can possibly go to court to see if they can get the money in dispute.
Posted on 10 Nov 2010 by Momentum
Tidewater Prepares to Ship Freight in 2010
Momentum appears to be growing for the owner of the largest ocean off-shore freight carrier fleet in the world this year as it prepares to do battle in the years ahead in the century of the environment. New Orleans-based Tidewater has decided that now is the time to invest in more ocean freight carriers to help ship freight across the oceans blue for customers in 2010 and beyond. Tidewater recently announced that it would spend $9 million on a modern Off-Shore Vessel (OSV) to supplement its fleet and help it fill customers need to ship freight to destination. The 5,218-bhp Al Bir (built 2006) will be renamed the Pravit Tide, according to sources, and will be put to work serving a contract off the coast of West Africa, once the AHTS is delivered by its previous owners Saudi Arabia's Red Sea Marine Services.

NYSE-listed Tidewater is a force in the ocean freight carrier industry and any moves made by Tidewater will be closely scrutinized by the international ocean freight shipping industry. The Pravit Tide is only one new vessel added to a fleet of over 400 vessels that includes around 33 new ships, so it being added to the fleet probably isn't that significant to some. The ocean freight carrier capacity of the Pravit Tide is also small, but it fits the general profile of ships in Tidewater's fleet well being a relatively new and modern AHTS, with all the new bells and whistles they like to have on their ocean freight carriers.

The Pravit Tide could be on station off the coast of West Africa already, either waiting to be loaded or offloading, before once again heading across the oceans blue to destinations far and wide.
Posted on 09 Nov 2010 by Momentum

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