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Ocean Freight Carriers of Dry-Bulk
Steady-as-she-goes appears to be the cry at present in the dry-bulk ocean freight carrier business in the first part of the century of the environment. The seas ahead look rough for ocean freight carriers of dry-bulk cargoes in the western hemisphere of the world. The Asian dry-bulk ocean freight carrier industry, on the other hand, is crying, "full steam ahead", as it transports dry-bulk freight across the oceans blue in ever increasing volumes.

The rough seas the worldwide dry-bulk ocean freight carrier industry has been experiencing aren't necessarily over and one Hong Kong-based shipowner is preparing to do business in a volatile market for dry-bulk freight shipments. Pacific Basins Shipping is considered by many in the ocean dry-bulk freight transport business to be a handysize specialist primarily operating in the Chinese marketplace. This growing presence in the Chinese dry-bulk market has been making moves of late that are seen by many in the ocean freight carrier industry to be a sign of the company preparing to do more business in the century of the environment. Pacific Basins Shipping has recently purchased a total of six new vessels since December and although the company has dismissed reports of the company negotiating with firms to acquire new vessels, reports are still coming in of talks taking place.

Sources also indicate that Pacific Basins Shipping is cash-heavy at the present time and could be in a favourable position financially as compared to many of its competitors in the ocean dry-bulk freight carrier industry. Pacific Basins Shipping also appears to be using a contract-of-affreightment (COA) business model at present that according to sources implements a 45/55 percentage split in its ocean freight carrier fleet with fixed tonnage being the majority. Pacific Basins Shipping's acquistion strategy during the past few months could be a sign that the company's business model could be shifting slightly, to a split in its fleet between owned and chartered vessels more in favour of owning a larger percentage of the ships in its fleet.
Posted on 04 Nov 2010 by Momentum
Ocean LNG Freight Carrier Causes a Buzz
One ocean freight carrier that has been causing a bit of a buzz in the world of ocean transport of LNG is Gazprom Global LNG (GGLNG). A relatively new player in the LNG spot market, Gazprom Global LNG is a bit of a different beast as far as players in the business are concerned and a company that has quickly grown from its modest roots into a player everybody wants to make a deal with.

In a tough market with shipowners that are starved for new business, GGLNG fixed a K Line LNG freight carrier for a mid-term period a while back, which created a feeding frenzy of a sort in shipowners. Reports indicate the LNG carrier in question to be the 143,000-cbm Celestine River (built 2007), which will be renamed the Nova River for the purposes of the charter.

Essentially the trading arm of Gazprom Marketing & Trading, which is a subsidiary of Russian state-controlled giant Gazprom, GGLNG has spent the last two years redefining its LNG organization for trading as a principle, chartering LNG freight carriers, negotiating new deals and primarily transporting around 2 LNG cargo loads per month that generally head to Asian markets. GGLNG expects to increase the volume of LNG it transports in 2010, to about 2 to 3 million tonnes per annum (mtpa), and in the years ahead in the century of the environment to 10 mpta of LNG or more.

GGLNG is also looking forward in its operations as well, by establishing a relationship with Admiral Makarov State Maritime Academy in St. Petersburg, Russia. The institution will provide three new cadets in the three essential shipping disciplines of deck, engineering and electrical engineering.
Posted on 03 Nov 2010 by Momentum

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