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Ocean Freight Carrier Accidents
Ocean freight carrier accidents are a highlight of recent history in the ocean transport of freight around the world. The latest incident in the United Kingdom occurred during a ship-to-ship transfer of freight off of Southwold, in which the 107,000-dwt Saetta (built 2009) and the 65,000-dwt Conger (built 2000) collided after the Conger's engine failed to restart after the successful transfer of ocean freight. Sources around the ocean freight carrier industry indicate that no injuries to crew members on either ship were sustained and no pollution damage was reported to Mother Earth. The only damages reported were apparently to the starboard lifeboat and davit of the Saetta.

Ship-to-ship transfers appear to be a problem in the region where the collision between the Saetta and the Conger occured? Recent reports indicate that at least two more collisions between ocean freight carriers attempting a ship-to-ship freight transfer were recorded in the same region, since the incident between the Saetta and the Conger.

In other tragic ocean freight carrier news reports have come in from around the freight industry of the 700-dwt general cargo vessel Nisshin Maru (built 1990) sinking to the bottom of the Naruto Strait recently in a collision with the 4,200-dwt Outsailing 9 (built 2009). The four crewmen on board the Nisshin Maru apparently made it overboard in time and two were rescued by the crew of the Outsailing 9, according to reports. The latest reports indicate that 8 vessels and four coast guard helicopters are engaged in the search for the missing crewmen of the Nisshin Maru. In addition to regional police and other emergency services in the region.

Over in the Suez Canal reports indicate that accidents involving ocean freight carriers have also been in the news. Sources indicate that the 96,000-dwt suezmax Mire (built 1994) recently had a direct meeting with the eastern bank of the Suez Canal in Crocodile Lake. This resulted in traffic congestion for ocean freight carriers traveling past the area where the Mire was parked. The great news is no one was injured and Mother Nature wasn't damaged due to the incident.
Posted on 01 Nov 2010 by Momentum
Ocean LNG Freight Carriers
State-owned Russian freight carrier Gazprom has announced it will join a project to further develop Qatar's gas reserves in North Field after 2014. Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Energy and Industry for Qatar Abdullah Al-Attiyah mentioned this on Russian television recently, along with Qatar's possible interest in participating in Russia's Yamal LNG project and a partnership with Novatek in developing the Arctic Fields in the years ahead in the century of the environment.

This could be an LNG partnership made-in-heaven as Qatar is currently the world's largest LNG producer, while Russia sits on the world's largest gas reserves, which includes natural gas. Sources around the worldwide freight carrier industry indicate that these two could have recently had a meeting to discuss future LNG projects in which they could become involved and present projects they're working on. They even report a possible meeting between the energy ministers of Qatar and Russia during the recently held 10th Gas Exploring Countries Forum, which coincided with the LNG 16 meeting in Oran, Algeria.

In other LNG ocean freight carrier industry news Houston-based Excelerate Energy recently announced it's actively looking for business partners that could work with it on bringing more LNG freight to its under-utilized Gulf Gateway deepwater LNG terminal off the United States Gulf Coast. Apparently, Gulf Gateway hasn't seen as many LNG ocean freight carriers arriving with loads of LNG freight as the company first hoped when it decided to put the facility into operation in 2005. The lack of LNG freight arriving at its Gulf Gateway deepwater LNG terminal has apparently moved Excelerate Energy to begin searching for partners to help bring more LNG cargo into Gulf Gateway. If everything is on time with Excelerate Energy's search they might have short-listed qualified candidates by now and they could be even negotiating with an interested party of two.
Posted on 29 Oct 2010 by Momentum

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