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Overseas shipping companies and international freight shipping professionals from around the world will be arriving in Shanghai, China over the next six months to take part in Shanghai's "Coming Out Party". They'll also be there to take a look at modern China, Shanghai, and China's desire to turn Shanghai into a global financial and shipping centre that can rival London, Singapore and Hong Kong. The desires of Shanghai and its people to show civic and national pride adorn the city and local newspapers talk consistently of Shanghai's future as a major shipping centre of the world in the century of the environment. Modern Shanghai isn't the shielded enclave of human activity that it was at the beginning of the Deng Xiaoping's "Opening Up" reforms 30 years after the birth of Communist China in 1949 though. Today the Pudong district of Shanghai is ready to take a step forward into phase 2 of plans to turn the chief financial and commercail hub of China into the number one shipping centre in the world of freight shipping.

Phase 1 of China's plans for the Pudong district saw this area of Shanghai become China's chief financial and commercial hub. In the two decades since 1990 the Pudong district of Shanghai's gross national product (GDP) has grown in leaps and bounds an astounding 65 times, according to freight industry sources. Turning the Pudong district into the business base for about 600 financial institutions and about 5,000 shipping related firms.

Phase 2 of China's plans for Shanghai were recently announced by the municipal government in time with the Pudong district's 20th year of development into what China hopes will be the world's top freight shipping centre in a few years time. In this phase China will invest tens of billions of dollars in Shanghai in the decades ahead. Part of China's blueprint for Shanghai is an area flanking the East China Sea that has is slated to be a major shipping and logistics zone to help accelerate the Pudong districts growth. Designated "Pudong New Area", spacious East Pudong will be set up to attract shipowners, while service-related shipping industries have been moving into the more densely populated North Bund Shipping Cluster.

Shanghai is already a major player in the transport of dry-bulk freight, with almost 600 million tons of freight moving through its port in 2009. The city also boasts the second busiest container shipping destination in the world, with around 25 million teu of containers moving through the Port of Shanghai in 2009. In the legal, financial and related shipping industries of the freight shipping world however Shanghai is still decades away from being the leader it wants to be.

The Chinese government has been busy sprucing up the atmosphere in the Pudong district for foreign firms in the ocean freight shipping industry. Tax breaks and other business incentives abound for firms interested in doing business in Shanghai in the years ahead in the century of the environment. The legal system has been modernized in order to make foreign players feel more at ease about any problems with charter agreements with Chinese owners and Chinese banks have grown enough to challenge western competitors for space at the forefront of the international financial shipping framework.

Shanghai's "Coming Out Party", the 2010 World Expo is a pivotal moment in the history of China and the freight shipping industry of the world. A party that's being held on sacred freight shipping ground according to some professionals that was once the home of the cradle of Chinese shipping, the former home of Jiangjin Shipyards, which was moved to nearly Changxing Island, three years ago.
Posted on 27 Oct 2010 by Momentum
Ocean Freight Carriers of LNG to Indonesia
The oil is going to flow in Indonesia soon as ocean freight carriers of LNG will soon be calling on Indonesia's first LNG floating storage and regasification unit (FSRU). The tenders are apparently in according to sources around the ocean freight carrier industry and Indonesia's state energy company Pertamina is eyeing five tenders in particular. Japan's Mitsui OSK Lines (MOL) is thought to be in partnership with Saipem on one of the offers, while Golar LNG Energy, Hoegh LNG, Excelerate Energy and Malaysia's MISC are believed to be the other four tenders that Pertimina is thought to be looking at for the job of supplying an FSRU to act as a floating import terminal in Jakarta Bay, West Java.

The tender for this job was actually expected in the first part of May, but apparently there have been a few delays in the tender process. This could be due to the fact that this tender will require the bidder to engineer, procure, construct, install and if needed find a contractor to handle specific projects that might appear during the job. Pertamina obviously wants to find the best fit for its plans and needs in the years ahead in the century of the environment and could be more concerned about finding the right partner, rather than sticking to an arbitrary schedule.

Despite the delays, Pertamina still seems determined to stay on the fast-track to construction of this first FSRU for Indonesia. This is good news for ocean freight carriers of LNG that will be tasked with transporting about 3 million-tonnes-per-year of LNG freight to this FSRU, if construction stays on schedule and they get this FSRU up and running by September 2011, as hoped. The oil could really be flowing in Indonesia in the future as Pertamina and its partners Perusahaan Gas Negara have also been rumoured to be in the planning stages of development of a second LNG FSRU in East Java. Great news for the world's ocean freight carriers of LNG and the international business of transporting LNG freight in general.
Posted on 26 Oct 2010 by Momentum

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