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Ocean Carriers Shipping to Costa Rica
Transport firms in the business of overseas car shipping to Costa Rica in the years ahead will likely be doing business in a new container terminal for Costa Rica, which is currently in the planning stages, according to sources in Central America. APM Terminals recently announced plans to invest $1 billion in the construction of a new container terminal in Costa Rica, called the Moin Container Terminal, with the first phase scheduled to be completed around 2016, at a cost of around $543 million. At this time the new container terminal will have six post-Panamax ship-to-shore gantry cranes, according to officials of APM Terminals, and other specialized equipment needed to help overseas vehicle shipping service providers move cars to destination on time and budget.

APM Terminals is also planning on dredging a turning basin and an access channel to the depth of 52.5 feet and building a new mile long breakwater to help protect the works. The container yard will cover an area of just under 100 acres and include 1,968 feet of quay with two berths, after completion of the first phase of construction, according to APM Terminals, and will expand construction in accordance with provisions of the 33-year concession agreement the company signed to design, finance, construct and operate the Moin Container Terminal. Once completed the new container terminal will have an area of close to 200 acres, 4.921 feet of quay, five berths, a 1.4-mile breakwater and a 59-foot deep access channel. Great news for customers that will need to ship a car overseas to Costa Rica once the new container terminal is finished.
Posted on 02 Mar 2011 by Momentum
New Service for Ocean Freight Forwarders
Transport firms car shipping overseas between Asia and Brazil will be interested in the news that three ocean transport firms have just announced they have decided it's time to start a new looping transport service between Asia and Brazil for customers that need cargo transmitted on time and budget during the weeks and months ahead in 2011. Called the Joint Caribbean Service Sling 2, this new service will use 11 container ships that can each carry about 4,200 20-foot shipping containers, according to sources connected to the three ocean transport firms in question. Great news for overseas auto shipping between Asia and Brazil and all of the stops along the route of the Joint Caribbean Service Sling 2.

The three ocean transport firms in question will apparently begin bringing the container ships they'll use for the Joint Caribbean Service Sling 2 on line sometime around April, and will begin shipping to Asia, Mexico's West Coast, the Caribbean and the north coast of Brazil, sometime after this April start date. The ports that this service will stop at will include the ports of Kelang, Nansha, Hong Kong, Chiwan, Ningbo, Shanghai, Busan, Manzanillo (Mexico), Manzanillo (Panama), Kingston, Port of Spain, Suape, and Salvador.

Sources at the three ocean transport firms in question also indicate that the Joint Caribbean Service Sling 2 will help to meet the current and growing demand for ro-ro shipping from Asia and the Caribbean as we enter the second decade of the century of the environment in the world.
Posted on 28 Feb 2011 by Momentum

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