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Growth in Container Transport in Asia
Ocean freight carrier TS Lines has decided to embark on a journey to expand into the Asian markets, according to sources within the freight industry. The 24th ranked containership owner in the world according to the latest data provided by AXS-Alphaliner, TS Lines currently offers a number of container transport services using a fleet of 33 containerships from 1,000 to 3,500-teu. A Hong Kong-based firm that according to the latest sources within the freight industry could be thinking about setting up a shipping company in order to add the fleet of containerships is currently uses to provide container transport services between Taiwan and China. At the same time TS Lines is apparently jumping into the Australian market for the first time and has started deploying larger containerships on its shipping routes within Asia.

What does this news mean for the ocean freight carrier industry of the world? TS Lines is apparently looking into creating a new shipping service which could be called the China-Australia Express (CAX), using five 2,700-teu containerships. At the same time TS Lines is also deploying one 18-knot 1,400-teu ship on a new container shipping service for customers that need to ship freight between Taiwan and Hong Kong, called the THK-2 service. All of this is in addition to the feeder service TS Lines recently started that calls on Tianjin, Dilian, Qingdao, and Hong Kong.

TS Lines is also making a few changes to its existing shipping services as it will start using larger containerships between Japan, Taiwan and Hong Kong in the future. The company has also seen a growth in demand for shipping services between China and regions close to Indonesia and in response will extend its JTK-2 service.

What is next for TS Lines? The company is currently making plans to move into new offices in Hong Kong in June, according to company sources. They're also expecting to transport around 1.5 million teu of freight this year, an increase of about 330,000 teu over last year.
Posted on 01 Sep 2010 by Momentum
Ocean LNG Freight Carriers Transport Gases
There appears to be a few clouds of doubt or possibly the unknown in the minds of some freight carrier professionals in the business of using the world's LNG carriers to transport bulk gases to destination around the world. After a 2008 and 2009 that saw around 133 orders for new LNG freight carriers that at the time were needed to keep gases moving to market in a reliable and efficient manner, according to many freight carrier professionals in the business of transporting bulk gases. 2010 has only seen a total of 40 new LNG carriers on the order books of the world's shipyards and reports have been coming in of some yards slowing down work in order to delay delivery of new LNG carriers at the request of ship owners.

There's work on the horizon for some of the newly arrived LNG carriers as Mitsui OSK Lines (MOL) recently announced it will be providing the ships to transport gases for ExxonMobile's upcoming Papua New Guinea Project. MOL has ordered new LNG carriers from China in order to take care of this job according to sources. ExxonMobile also has a stake in Australia's Gorgon LNG project and will be supplying LNG carriers for this project as well, so it could be the extra ships that have been ordered by NOL will be going to work in Australia in the future.

At the same time, BG Group has also been linked to new orders for LNG carriers after it inked a deal with China National Offshore Oil Corporation (CNOOC) to form a partnership of sorts to transport gases from BG Group's coalbed methane-backed LNG-export project, the Queensland Curtis LNG project on Curtis Island near Gladstone.
Posted on 31 Aug 2010 by Momentum

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