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Chinese Bulk Coal Freight Carriers Buying Ships
Chinese freight carriers have been transporting bulk coal from northern China to power stations in southern China in increasing volumes of late, according to sources. Ocean freight carriers of bulk coal have been calling on the ports of southern China a lot more lately as well as China's import/export balance in coal movements has shifted dramatically in the past decades from mainly exporting coal to importing huge amounts in order to keep the factories running. Current estimates indicate that near the end of 2008 China's coal trade balance was 1.4 million tonnes exported. By the time the earth had travelled around the sun one more time China was importing 40 million more tonnes of coal than she was exporting.

This radical shift in China's export and import of coal has also been gathering momentum of late, momentum the Chinese government would like to stop and turn around. China imported around 15.22 million tonnes of coal in April, according to freight industry sources, a number that represents a massive 16 percent increase from the volumes of bulk coal transported to China in February and 167 percent increase from the volume of coal exported to China in March.

China would like to change this imbalance and make better use of huge coal reserves located in landlocked northern provinces, like Shanxi. This is an issue that has been looking China in the eyes more and more lately as recent events in the south, such as the drought, have brought this need more into focus in the minds of the decision makers in Beijing, according to some sources. Changing this imbalance requires China's coal freight carriers to begin making fundamental changes in philosophy and the tactics they employ. The first change has apparently started as Shanxi Coal Group has started investing in ocean bulk freight carrier vessels from scratch. The most recent reports have this firm investing $150 million on vessels to transport coal to powerplants in southern China.
Posted on 30 Aug 2010 by Momentum
Chinese Coal Freight Carriers Buying Ships
Chinese freight carriers in the business of transporting coal to Chinese domestic markets could be preparing for a new boom in coal movements in China. The latest reports indicate that Chinese domestic freight carriers of coal have been adding to the capacity of their domestic fleets to transport coal to Chinese powerplants in the south of China.

Recent new ship orders by Chinese domestic freight carriers includes orders for around 20 new gearless 45,000-dwt vessels with a shallow draught of 10.5 metres. In addition, New Century Shipping is rumoured to be in a buying mood and has put in orders for new freight carrier vessels that could be used for transporting coal in China's domestic market. Add to this news the fact that Chinese domestic state-player Fujian Shipping Company (Fusco) has decided to order six 45,000-dwt handymaxes and it could be that a boom in Chinese coal movements could be about to occur in the Chinese domestic coal market in the future.

The transport of coal from the north to factories in the south of China is one of the most profitable trade routes according to Chinese freight industry sources. The money being invested by state-owned firms on building up China's river and coastal fleet of freight carrier vessels into a modern fleet at this time is likely part of a bigger plan on the part of our Chinese cousins. A plan that should turn China's fleet of river and coastal freight carriers into one of the largest domestic fleets in the world.
Posted on 27 Aug 2010 by Momentum

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