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Ocean Freight & Muelle Prat Container Terminal
Reports around the ocean freight carrier industry indicate that Terminal de Cataluna (Tercat), part of Hutchison Port Holdings (HPH), could be taking over the job of constructing the Muelle Prat Container Terminal for the Barcelona Port Authority. This particular project has been reported as being behind schedule in the past, so it might be that this move is just something that was due to happen, but at least the work is about to begin. The developers will certainly be happy to see things finally looking like there about to go forward though and hopefully there aren't anymore delays in the construction of the Muelle Prat Container Terminal. The original problems with the quay wall must be solved and hopefully the solution they came up with works as planned or we could see more delays due to problems with the new quay wall.

Construction on the Muelle Pray Container Terminal is apparently going to begin with phase 1, which will feature a 1,000 metre-long quay, eight super post panamax quay cranes with outreaches of 22 containers, a yard area with about 60 hectares of space, and 18 container stacking blocks with 36 one-over-five automated stacking yard cranes. In addition to a fleet of modern shuttle carriers, tractors and trailers, an eight track rail terminal, and administrative and engineering facilities. Sources around the ocean freight carrier industry indicate that they'll install the nGen automated terminal operating system in the Muelle Pray Container Terminal, which was developed by Hutchison Port Holdings.

The quay cranes and ASCs will be supplied by Zhenhua Port Machinery Company (ZPMC) and KoneCranes, respectively, and ocean freight carrier professionals in China indicate that five of the cranes have already been built in Shanghai, China. The civil works bid for the Muelle Pray Container Terminal are apparently in and under review, so it might not be long, before we hear some more news on this new container terminal.
Posted on 24 Aug 2010 by Momentum
Ocean Freight Carrier Stops at Rotterdam More
One ocean freight carrier has announced that it's ocean freight carriers will begin calling more on the Port of Rotterdam in the days, weeks, and months ahead in the century of the environment. Swiss-based MSC announced the other day that ocean freight carriers would begin stopping at the Port of Rotterdam seven times a week, rather than the two times a week the vessels had been running on. MSC has said that officially this change effects two Far East shipping services they currently offer, a South African and Mediterranean call and a feeder link with Liverpool and Ireland. A small change that appears to be more of a tweak of MSC's ocean freight shipping services to the regions in question, rather than a major change that's expected to change things significantly in the company's operations.

MSC has also commented that despite what on lookers might think about this move, the Port of Rotterdam is perfectly suited from a nautical perspective for the ocean freight carrier movements in question and is equipped to handle the big ships that MSC uses and offers the capacity that the company requires in its operations. Sources indicate that the changes will mean about a possible 16 hours savings in transit times over the previous port of call, which according to sources is the Port of Antwerp. A significant savings in transit time that's definitely going to be attractive to customers that need to ship freight to the destinations that MSC's ships call on in the days, weeks, and months ahead in the century of the environment.

The interesting thing about this news bit could be watching what kind of effect this decision by MSC has on the business of the Port of Antwerp in the days ahead and if it prompts Antwerp to make some kind of move of their own. The Port of Antwerp is the second largest container port in terms of volume and this news could certainly put a dent in the number of containers moving through the Port of Antwerp. We'll have to wait and see what happens.
Posted on 23 Aug 2010 by Momentum

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