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Downloadable Vehicle Export Documents
The downloadable word documentation provided by Momentum Global Logistics includes the following: Transport Booking request form for exporting a vehicle which includes to be filled out; Letter of Intent, Exporter Information, Consignee Information, and the Export Power of Attorney.
Click here to download our vehicle export documents.


International shipping can be an imposingly complicated business, loaded with regulation and difficult paperwork. Momentum Global Logistics is devoted to keeping your shipping experience hassle-free by handling or assisting with all shipment-related documentation. Our experienced staff will take care of all filings to save you time and annoyance, with proper results guaranteed!

An international shipment may involve air waybills, a bill of lading, two or more invoices, a certificate of origin, an insurance certificate, a shipper’s export declaration, an export packing list, an export license, and even more complex forms to fill out, all tailored to different destinations. The slightest error may delay or even completely cancel a shipment. For this reason, it is highly recommended that trained professionals handle all your shipping paperwork.

Momentum Global Logistics is ready to ensure that all documentation is filed on-time and accurately. We take pride in our efficient and through handling of all shipments. Avoid aggravating red tape by shipping with Momentum Global Logistics!

  • Our 24-hour/day, 7-day/week friendly personal service is designed to guarantee you the perfect air freight shipping experience.

  • Experienced staff can handle all manner of paperwork and red tape to keep your shipment moving and on-time.

  • We handle the documentation for all types of shipping offered and for shipping to virtually any country worldwide.

  • Hassle-free results guaranteed!

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