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Worldwide shipping across the seas is efficient and affordable with Momentum Global Logistics! No matter what you need to ship or to where you need to ship it, outside of the United States or into it, we can help you get it there aboard a sturdy and trustworthy ocean liner. Momentum Global Logistics is NVOCC licensed to deal directly with cargo ships, which allows us to provide you with the safest, simplest, and most satisfying cargo-shipping experience possible.

Cargo is shipped on ocean liners in large, watertight containers, inside which items are tightly secured to prevent damage. Ocean container shipping is less expensive than alternatives, and can allow for transport of virtually any size of item. Options are available both for full-container (FCL) shipping and for partial or less-than-container shipping (LCL) if your items do not fill a complete container. Several different sizes and shapes of container are available to best suit your needs.

Here at Momentum Global Logistics, we have the expertise to help you make all the right decision about how to send your valuable cargo overseas. And further arrangements to deliver cargo inland are also available—we deliver everywhere!

  • Our 24-hour/day, 7-day/week friendly personal service is designed to guarantee you the perfect cargo shipping experience

  • Both LCL and FCL shipping options available.

  • Our experienced and reliable transport team can pick up your cargo from your location and deliver it safely and securely to anywhere on the globe, guaranteed.

  • Virtually all shapes and sizes of cargo acceptable for transport.

  • Shipments can be easily tracked through our representatives.

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For a free quote for all your cargo shipping needs, fill out our free freight quote form or call 1-888-310-9993.

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