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While we pledge the highest degree of safety possible for your cargo in the course of transport, we also highly encourage the purchase of marine shipping insurance for your container or vehicle. In the unfortunate event of damage to your cargo, insurance holders will be entitled to appropriate compensation. Momentum Global Logistics offers specifically tailored insurance programs to your shipping needs at the best prices available to ensure the simplest process and highest rate of claim success in the business.

Marine shipping insurance is the oldest known type of insurance in the world; all other types derive from it. These policies can be purchased both to cover selective types of damage (called With Average or Free of Particular Average policies), or as an all-risks policy that covers almost anything that might happen to your shipment, including burning, sinking, jettison, collision damage, saltwater or freshwater damage, theft, and much more. (All-risks does not cover every possible type of cargo loss.)

Insurance policies can be frighteningly complex, but we at Momentum Transport can help ensure that you get all the information you need to choose the policy right for you.

  • With 24-hour/day, 7-day/week personal service, we are available any time to discuss the insurance that’s right for you.

  • Coverage provided for international shipping to any global destination.

  • Our employees know the intricacies of insurance policies and can explain them clearly to you.

  • Both all-risk and selective-coverage policies available.

  • Coverage of almost any potential damage to your cargo or vehicle shipment.

  • Save money over other shippers with our low-cost insurance programs.

For more information on our marine shipping insurance policies, please call

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